30 Janeiro 2017

Recreational Fishing

Half day (4/5 hours) or Full day (9/10 hours) of recreational fishing. These types of fishing that are only conditioned by weather conditions. It is the most committed service to be possible throughout the all year (jigging, trolling and bottom fishing)


* Season: All year

* Bait: Jig lure (60 to 300gr)

* Depths target: 10/80+ meters

* Target species : Barracuda, Chub mackerel, Bluefish, Amberjack,, Guelly jack, Common seabream, Atlantic bonito, Skipjack tuna, Yellowfin  tuna, wahoo..

Coast line trolling

* Season: All year

* Bait: Artificial lures (4 rods+)

* Depth target: 5/ 50+ meters

* Target species: Barracuda, bluefish, Atlantic bonito, Atlantic mackerel, Amberjack, Skipjack tuna…

 Bottom fishing

* Season: All year

* Bait: shrimp, chub mackerel, horse mackerel, squid (5 to7 hooks)

* Depths target: between 10/80+ meters

* Target species: Axillary seabream, Blacktail comber, Grey triggerfish, Scorpionfish, White seabream, Parrotfish.